Assess Your Aging Roofs’ Condition

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We do hundreds of roofs each year, and a lot of people wonder what we look for when we recommend shingle repairs or full roof replacements. We’re only half-way through 2016, but we’ve already seen a lot of extreme weather – from snow and deep cold in winter, to the blistering heat of the summer. Be on the lookout for how weather exposure and ventilation can affect your roof.

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Signs of Damage
The easiest thing to look for: shingles that are lifting and curling. We take this as a serious indication that your roof needs attention and that it’s in need of repair as soon as possible.

Shingles with curling or worn edges should be attended to. They are likely to blow off (in high winds) or fall off (after winter), leaving your roof and home vulnerable to further damage.

Causes of Roof Damage
The main reasons that shingles curl and degrade are:
– winter
– existing material of poor quality or installation
– under-ventilation
Sun and rain are less damaging than extreme heat or extreme cold and snow. Ottawa has one of the most dramatic temperature ranges in the world. The constant expanding and contracting of the roof aids in shingles losing their adhesion.

If your home is in Ottawa, it is required to withstand a lot of extreme weather. It’s recommended that you’re attentive to the signs that they’re nearing the end of their lifespan.

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Preventing Damage
Making sure your roof is constructed with high quality materials by high quality installers are the two most important things when ensuring roof longevity. Consider the long-term costs of ownership of a home/roof when you make this decision. A cheap repair every year or two will end up costing considerably more than a one-time investment of a well constructed roofing system, lasting up to 50 years.

Remember – directly under your roof lies the attic space. If it is well ventilated, it will play a major role stabilizing the effects of its inside temperature, and therefore, condition of your attic. Adequate ventilation will help keep your shingles in better shape for a much longer period of time. Conversely, a hot attic can shorten the life of your shingles by essentially ‘baking’ them from underneath. Under-ventilation can also result in excess heat and moisture in the attic, and eventually mold.

A expert inspection or roof servicing can help extend your roofs lifespan, so make sure you get a professional opinion from Remember Me Roofing Inc.

Deal With Damage ASAP
Don’t let problems get worse! A missing or curling shingle is a leak waiting to happen. You depend on your roof to keep you dry and protected from the elements. You can rely on us to keep your homes structure, condition and decor at it’s highest value.

So take a peek at your roof – out of an upstairs window, from across the street, or from your neighbours or your own backyard and see if you can spot any shingles in need of repair. We hope you’re protected and in good shape for years to come – but if you find any problems, “Remember Me”, and we’ll consult with you on how to address the situation at hand.

Warning Signs that you need a new roof!!

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Local roof repair contractorsThe average Ottawa homeowner is not educated in their roofing system; here are the warning signs that you might need a new one.

The first warning sign will be in your eaves and downspouts. When shingles are older they will loose their Granules. If your roof is getting really bad these granules can even clog the drainage. Simply tap the spouts to see if any fall out or have someone look into your eavestrough. They will be highly visable.

Secondly look at the shingles on your roof; are they curling at the corners? Can you see dark patches? Shingles should remain flat on the roof without curling. Without correcting this issue shingles will start to blow off the roof. Dark patches indicate the shingles are worn through their layers.

Mold growing on your roof is another warning sign. In wooded areas you will find this more often. Mold could mean the shingles are damp and the roof deck is absorbing water.

If your roof is hard to see from the ground, look for debris in your yard. Take a look around your street at neighbouring roofs; this should give you an idea of where your roof fits in.

There are a few other signs that you can look for inside the house, and attic. If you notice any bubbling paint on your ceiling or walls nearest the attic, this could be a moisture problem. Your venting will need an upgrade. Take some time, have a look in your attic, if you can see daylight that is a bad sign. Other things to look for in the attic include moisture and sagging of the plywood.

Having one of these warning signs is not always an indication you need a new roof. Calling a professional like the ones at Remember Me Roofing Inc can help you diagnose the issue. In some instances you can get away with just a repair or upgrading your venting.

Ridge Vents

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All roofing systems in Ottawa need a good ventilation system.  Ice Damming is a major issue in our city.  Good ventilation could mean the difference between your roof having problems or not.  Ventilation is also crucial in keeping your attic dry from moisture in the wintertime and cool from the heat in the summer. This will prevent mold from infecting your rafters, roof deck, insulation, and extend the life of your new roof.

There are many forms of ventilation out there and if your roof allows for it, we recommend Ridge venting.  With superior air flow the ridge vent also has the best curb appeal for your home.

Ottawa has some harsh winters, not all products out there are designed for these conditions.  At Remember Me Roofing we choose to use GAF Cobra Snow Country Advanced Roof Ridge Vent for its reputation and design specific to our climate.  This ridge vent is a part of their lifetime warranty system and comes highly recommended.

This is what GAF has to say about their Snow Country Ridge vent and its benefits:

Homeowner’s Best Choice

  • Vents Your Attic…
  • Allows heat and condensation to escape at the most effective location — the ridge
  • Looks Terrific…
  • Shingle-over design blends into your ridge line
  • Watertight…
  • Passes the 110 mph wind-driven rain test
  • Snow Guard™…
  • Helps prevent snow infiltration in harsh winter weather
  • Insect Guard…
  • Specially designed louver spacing helps keep insects out
  • Energy Efficient…
  • May even reduce your energy bills!
  • Durable…
  • Designed with high-impact polymers
  • Peace Of Mind…

Up to a Lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle roofs

Ridge vent is installed by cutting 2” from each side of necessary ridges, avoiding rafters, soffit space and valleys.  When installing ridge vent above dormers, the attic spaces need to be separate if lower than the main ridge.

In the past people have experienced issues when getting ridge vent installed, you may have heard some of these rumours.  If installed incorrectly they can be ineffective and leak. Hiring a qualified installer like those at Remember Me Roofing will prevent these issues.

There are a couple factors that could prevent you from getting ridge vent.

  • Not enough ridge/soffit ratios to support the ridge vent.
  • Rafters are running horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Your pitch is under 3/12.

Adding supports in the attic can rectify the second option.  You may not be made aware of this fact until the roof in being completed if your contractor has not inspected your attic.  At that point you can choose to use a different venting system or add the supports.

All ventilation systems need an adequate intake system to accompany it. Soffits are the most common intake.   For those who live downtown Ottawa or in a generally older area beware.  Talk to your estimator to make sure their estimate has addressed the intake; they are generally weak in those areas.

Mixing vents is never recommended in the same attic space.  Mixing vents will affect all systems installed.  Mixing will decrease the pressure in your system; one might be more powerful than the next and create an intake source.  Warranties are voided in such instances.  Over ventilation is just as bad as inadequate ventilation.

Our highly trained installers at Remember Me Roofing can provide you the best ventilation system installed as per the manufactures specs.  Call us for your best options and solutions.

Take a minute and follow the link below to read more about GAF’s ridge venting:

Roof Top Snow Removal

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We all know the winters in Ottawa can get pretty bad, and although the last thing we need is something more to shovel, there are a few things you should consider about your roof this winter. In fact, all the snow, freezing rain, and extreme weather conditions that we get here in the capital can really affect the life of your roof.

The first thing to note is that most leaks are caused during the thawing periods. Ice damming causes these leaks and the roofing system or pitch of your roof is irrelevant. If you let ice and snow accumulate during a thaw, there is potential for water to back up under your system and cause a leak. You can protect your roof against these leaks if it has an underlayment installed such as Deck Armour or Ice and Watershield but this is not a guarantee.

The second thing to consider is the weight of the snow on your roof. Think of Ottawa’s big snowfalls combined with freezing rain. Your roof can easily have thousands of extra pounds on it. These extra pounds can lead to structural damage. Keeping this in mind, if your roof is flat or has a low pitch, snow removal is a necessity. However, if your roof has a really steep pitch, the snow will only accumulate in certain areas potentially causing ice damming and not weight issues.

Lastly, there are the dangers to yourself and your family when letting winter take its toll on your roof. When ice damming occurs we see big icicles hanging above our doors and walkways, and although it may seem like Ottawa is in a winter wonderland, this ice is very dangerous. Again, having the snow and ice removed will prevent this.

Now, before you grab your shovels and ladders, remember that snow removal does not always need to be your entire roof. For the most part if the snow is not heavy, removing the bottom 4 ft along your eaves and your valleys will prevent any leaks. If your roof is low enough, and you consider yourself a do-it-yourself type of person, you can buy a roof rake. Roof rakes are a long metal device you can buy at most hardware stores that extends to the edge of your roof to pull down the snow. Of course, in -30 degree weather, hiring a professional is your best choice.

In fact, common occurrences such as damaging shingles and voiding warranties can be avoided by hiring a professional roofing company such as Remember Me Roofing for your snow removal. Also, safety is the most important advantage to hiring a professional team. Our professionals are trained in safe removal and have the safety equipment to complete the job.

Please contact us for a free quote to have all your snow and ice removed. Have a great leak free winter with Remember Me Roofing !!

Click to see what Canada’s Mike Holmes has to say!

How long should a roof take?

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There are quite a bit of variables when considering the length of time to complete a roof. We can start with breaking your roof down to small, medium or large. Small houses steep or not should take one day to complete. Medium houses take one or two days depending on the pitch and large houses are three or more days. If your roof is in the Glebe or Downtown Ottawa you can expect your roof to take longer than usual. This is due to the difficulty, age and the adjacent houses.

Weather can play a factor in the completion time. Such things as high winds, rain and excessive heat can cause the delay. A good crew will always show up ready to work. Unforeseen delays can occur as the roofing project begins, these problems can be related to the roof decking, extra layers, insulation and missing metal. A lot of these issues can only be diagnosed once the roof has been removed. As a homeowner these delays might be frustrating, but they do happen sometimes not at the fault of the working crew.

Bad habits among roofers can cause unnecessary delays in your roofs completion. These bad habits can include short working days, small crews, no foreman, subcontractors, and inefficiency on the roof.

When your choosing an Ottawa roofing contractor be sure to find out the size of crew that will be on your roof. Knowing the expected completion time and size of crew working before signing a contract will give you an idea of the type of company you will be working with. An effective roofing crew should be five crewmembers including an on site foreman.

Remember Me Roofing is effective in completing your roof in an appropriate time frame. Our crews are no less then five guys and have an experienced foreman to over see the work completed. If any delays occur they will be discussed immediately to avoid any unnecessary wait times. From start to finish our team can provide you an efficient style to complete your roof in a timely manner.

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