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Installation of Sun Tunnels: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

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Table of Contents:

What Are Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are a cost-effective solution to add natural light to your house without requiring extensive renovations or the installation of skylights or windows. If your closets, hallways, or restrooms are too gloomy, sun or solar tunnel may be the answer. These areas have no natural light, and light fixtures can only illuminate so much. Sun tunnels may have built-in bathroom fans and solar energy to collect energy during the day and stay illuminated after nightfall!

Skylights vs. Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels and skylights do the same thing in bringing natural light into your house. However, how they do this varies significantly, and each has its own set of advantages. A skylight is effectively a windowpane embedded in your roof. It will be completely sealed to avoid water leaks and an excellent natural light source for your house. They’re often seen on vaulted ceilings and in kitchens, where they help catch that wonderful morning light.

The Advantages of Skylights

  • Additional natural light.
  • Reduce your energy and heating costs
  • Stunning design possibilities


On the other hand, Sun tunnels may be constructed in more unusual locations that need more natural light but are not perfect for skylight installation (like closets and hallways). This works because sun tunnels absorb sunlight on the roof through a dome and then magnify and “bounce” the light through the tunnel onto your selected light fixture in the ceiling of your house. This is accomplished by bouncing light off the tunnel walls—rigid tunnels will reflect more light than flexible tubes.

The Advantages of Sun Tunnels

  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Low upkeep.
  • Increases the amount of natural light in interior spaces
  • There is no heat loss.
  • Numerous design options—can be disguised as a standard ceiling light fixture.

The Price of Sun Tunnels

Adding a sun tunnel is a cost-effective approach to increase natural light in places that might need a boost in brightness and vibrancy. By illuminating your room with natural light from sun tunnels, homeowners may save money on their monthly energy bills and generate less heat than electrical lighting, keeping their house pleasant all year.

Two major factors influence the cost of installing a sun tunnel. One is the material you choose, and the other is the labour cost to install. It also relies on the location of the solar tunnel since the farther it is from the top dome, the longer the tube must be. As a result, more supplies are required. Fortunately, material prices are quite consistent across the board, and the decision to choose basic or premium materials will just be a question of preference at the moment.

Sun Tunnel Manufacturers

There are a handful of brands that most sun tunnel contractors will use. Additionally, several manufacturers provide skylight choices. VELUX is the most popular and commonly utilized. We offer VELUX skylights and sun tunnels at Remember Me Roofing and stand by their quality and style.

Natural Light’s Benefits

There are quantifiable advantages to daily exposure to sunlight. Natural sunlight benefits your physical and emotional well-being just as it illuminates your house. The “sunlight vitamin” is a critical nutrient for our physical health since it has been found to prevent bone loss, decrease weight gain, reduce the risk of heart disease and even some types of cancer. If you spend most of your day inside and then return home to an area with little natural light, you are not receiving enough Vitamin D. 

Sunlight also aids in the battle against seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, which arises when the seasons shift into Fall and Winter, when the days get shorter but maybe alleviated with more exposure to sunlight. Mental and physical health are intimately related to the amount and quality of sleep you obtain. If one of these is out of balance and you are deficient in Vitamin D, you will have difficulty sleeping. Thus, more sun exposure results in improved general health and well-being. Sun tunnels may be beneficial!

Sun Tunnel Installation

Sun tunnels are placed to capture natural sunlight that falls on your roof and reflects or shines down the tube into the fixture in your ceiling. Differently shaped domes may bend or reflect light, allowing light to enter your home at all-day hours. Additionally, tunnels come in various configurations depending on the size of your installation; they may be flexible to work around buildings or straight to fit into an open area.Installation of Sun Tunnels The Ultimate Guide For 2022 (1)

For instance, the tunnel must pass through your roof, through your attic, and into the ceiling of the room where it is to be put. Remember Me Roofing can assist you in determining the optimal arrangement for your property that will not only look amazing but will also save you money.

We can explain which solution is appropriate for your property and how to maximize your sun tunnel’s efficiency. Call us now at 613-854-7663!


Things to Consider In Installing Skylight | Remember Me Roofing

Things to Consider In Installing Skylight

By | Skylights & sun tunnels

Table Of Content:

Ten things you should know before you install a skylight.

  1. Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality.

Other key features include energy efficiency, water tightness, sound reduction, and load and wind resistance. Shade, UV coatings, and ventilation are all things to consider. To protect the environment, several manufacturers also offer high-quality products built from sustainable materials. Installing a skylight is a big job, and you want to make sure you’ll be happy with your choice in the long run.

  1. When deciding on a location, be cautious.

The location of skylights is primarily controlled by the position of your home’s rafters. Before you begin cutting out pieces of your roof, make sure you have a space plan or diagram accessible.

  1. Bad weather has the potential to derail your plans.

If moisture gets in the middle of the installation process due to rain or bad weather, the project will be severely hampered, if not impossible, to complete.

  1. Falling Possibilities are a Real Risk

Make sure your ladder is the suitable type and height for you and that you’re wearing traction-enhancing footwear. Depending on the slope of your roof, you may want to consider using roof jacks to support a 2″ x 12″ board to stand on while you work; fasten the roof jacks with nails, making that the nails are driven into the roof joists rather than through the sheathing.

  1. Before purchasing flashing, determine the slope.

There are many flashing kits available specific to a certain pitch, so be sure you have all of the necessary information before making a decision.

  1. Begin on the inside.

Drive four nails or screws in the corners of the box outline you’ve marked for the skylight after you’ve removed the inner sheathing. This will make finding the skylight opening from the roof much easier.

  1. Before you begin cutting, remove the shingles.

Remove the entire sheet of shingles from your roof until you can see your specified opening.

  1. The Flashing Is Waterproof

Waterproof flashing is an effective technique to divert water and ice flow away from your aperture, and it attaches to the flashing that comes with the package.

  1. Take the time to add additional drywall and insulation to your home.

Prepare to use drywall and insulation to reduce condensation and ensure that the light you allow in does not expose less-than-ideal ceiling areas.

  1. Consider a Skylight with Self-Ventilation.

Many kinds of skylights offer a feature that allows you to vent as well as brighten your room.

Install a Skylight | Remember Me Roofing

Why You Should Install a Skylight, There Are 8 Reasons Why You Should Install a Skylight 

Here are eight compelling reasons to install a skylight on your roof.

  1. Use of natural light

Let’s take a look at the first benefit: natural light.

A natural light source can help a room feel alive. It’s a foolproof way to boost the quantity of light in your home. Natural light is also long-lasting.

In some rooms with regular windows, uneven illumination patterns are typical. Skylights overcome this problem by allowing light to enter a specified section of a space, filling it with natural light that windows cannot reach.

  1. The Advantages of Ventilation

Skylights, while located on the roof, can assist in the removal of hot air.

Consider installing a vented skylight that can be regulated manually or remotely. These allow for the circulation of fresh air in your home. This function can also be used to let moisture escape from bathrooms or in a Cape Cod-style home when regular window installation options are severely limited.

  1. Energy Conservation

Natural light reduces the demand for artificial lighting.

The addition of a roof skylight has replaced lighting elements, and electricity savings are greater when there are fewer lights.

  1. Skylights That Are Custom-Made To Your Specifications

Skylights are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

A skylight can make a space appear larger than it is, especially in larger rooms. It brings the outside inside while accentuating the home’s architectural characteristics.

  1. Boost the resale value

A roof skylight can boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell it.

Skylights, like other cosmetic modifications, use natural light to create a pleasing ambiance. Because of all of the reasons we’ve discussed, introducing this to various rooms throughout your home will boost the resale value.

Potential home purchasers are also interested in the new energy-efficient models. If you’re thinking about selling your home, this benefit alone can make a skylight a sensible investment.

  1. Solar Heating

In the winter, skylights can provide a source of solar heat.

Sunlight can be a terrific way to heat your home instead of using a furnace. Because a skylight can bring additional heat to a room and your home, you can usually set your thermostats at a lower setting.

  1. Health Advantages

Natural light might help improve your mood, which is a significant health benefit in a gloomy environment.

Skylights also make people feel more connected to nature. When vented models are opened, you’ll notice a difference in air quality and circulation, and vitamin B and D levels rise in response to increased light.

  1. Protect your privacy

Any home would benefit from the inclusion of windows. On the other hand, Windows can sometimes violate your sense of privacy, and the exception is skylights.

Even in the most private areas of your home, you may enjoy natural light while maintaining your privacy. Don’t let privacy worries get in the way of your need for natural light and functionality.

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