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Why Choose Metal Roofing for Building a New Home

Why Choose Metal Roofing for Building a New Home

By | Metal Roofing

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Metal roofs provide various benefits, including a longer life cycle than roofing materials like asphalt and cedar. Metal roofs can survive the elements, including hail, severe rain and snow, and strong winds. Metal roofs have also been recognized for safeguarding dwellings during forest and brush fires. In fact, in many regions, insurance companies give homeowners up to a 30 percent decrease in their homeowner’s insurance when they install a metal roof.

Available in three distinct styles: standing-seam roofing, panel roofing, tile, cedar, or slate look-alikes. Standing-seam metal roofs include enormous ribs connected by crimping or soldering. Panel roofing panels are similar to standing-seam roofing; however, they need screwing down. Metal roofing installations, except for screw-down panels, need particular training.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Roofing for Homeowners?

Metal roofs provide several benefits, including a longer life span than other roofing materials such as asphalt and cedar. Metal roofs are resistant to hail, severe rain and snow, and strong winds. Additionally, metal roofs have been attributed to defending dwellings from forest and brush fires. Indeed, homeowners may save up to 30% on their homeowner’s insurance when installing a metal roof in many regions.

At first, metal roofs might cost up to three to four times as much as asphalt or cedar roofs. However, homeowners should remember that the typical asphalt cedar roof would need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Still, metal roofs may last up to 60 years, making metal the ideal roofing material.

Other distinctions between conventional and metal roofing materials include their warranties. The typical premium asphalt roof has a 12 to 20 years warranty, but metal roofs have a warranty of up to 50 years, which is more than four times as long as conventional roofing materials.

Another advantage of metal roofs is their superior insulation, which helps you save money on your air conditioning and heating expenditures. Despite these fantastic advantages, many homeowners are afraid to put a metal roof on their houses due to their associations’ covenants and regulations.

Metal roofs are available in several shapes, colours, and finishes, with many resembling other roofing materials such as cedar shake, slate, asphalt shingles, and clay tiles, ensuring that even the most authoritarian homeowners associations will find something to their liking.

Savings on Energy with Cool Metal Roofing

As energy costs continue to climb, many homeowners are choosing more energy-efficient construction materials, whether constructing new houses or renovating existing ones.

Metal roofs are energy-efficient construction materials that may save homeowners up to 40% on their yearly energy expenditures, depending on the geographical location. Metal roofs are available in various colours, textures, and profiles and may be used on steep or low-slope roofs.

Reflective metal roofing has been shown to save an average of 40% on summer cooling costs by lowering attack air temperatures by up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally to reducing energy costs, most metal roofs are made of recyclable material. As a result, metal roofs reduce energy and benefit the environment. Thus, metal roofing materials are a low-maintenance, long-lasting, and attractive alternative energy-efficient construction material.

Metal Roofing is a Reliable Investment

Metal roofs combine strength and beauty. Metal roofs are very sturdy and long-lasting. However, many people are unaware that several types, colours, and textures are available when choosing a metal roof. Besides improving a home’s aesthetic, metal roofs have additional advantages such as resistance to hail, fire, earthquakes, and even severe winds.Why Choose Metal Roofing for Building a New Home

Metal roofs can withstand natural disasters that asphalt roofs can’t. Asphalt roofs have to be replaced every 12 to 20 years, but metal roofs can last for 50 or more years. Metal is better than other roofing materials, like wood shingles and concrete, when it comes to protecting your home. Wooden shingles can and do get old. Also, mould and moss-like grow on the shingles in the shade. There are some problems with concrete tile roofs that are caused by freeze/thaw cycles in northern climates, but they seem to be the most durable. Another sign that metal roofs are long-lasting is the warranties that come with them. Many metal roofs come with a 30- to 50-year warranty.

So, if you are building a new home or are planning to re-roof your current home, think about having a metal roof. Contact Remember Me Roofing at 613-854-7663 for your metal roof installation. We will save you money in the years to come.


Why are Soffits and Fascias Important

Why are Soffits and Fascias Important?

By | Soffit & Fascia

Table of Contents:

Soffit and fascia are two of the most critical yet underappreciated components of roofing systems. This is because they do not seem to be structural components of a property that would significantly affect the functioning of your roofing system. 

The roof and siding professionals at Remember Me Roofing discuss the importance of soffits and fascias in this article.

What Exactly Is a Soffit?

By necessity, your roof will often extend beyond the walls of your house. This overhang is sometimes referred to as the house eaves or roof rafters. When completed, the bottom of this overhang is called the soffit, which translates as “something fixed underneath.”

Soffit is a general term that refers to any kind of finishing material, such as wood or fibre cement, that is used to cover the underside of your roof overhang.

The soffit of a roofing system has a dual purpose: it enhances the roof’s aesthetics while also protecting the rafters from the weather. Without a soffit to cover the rafters, they may decay and let mould into the home, major issues that cost a lot to remedy. Once mould has infiltrated a house, it is very hard to exterminate entirely without the assistance of a remediation firm.

What Exactly Is a Fascias?

Fascia, or fascia boards, are long, straight boards attached directly to the roof trusses at the bottom border of the roof. The fascia is installed at the intersection of the roof and an outside wall, which is sometimes referred to as the roofline. It functions as a support for the last row of tiles or other roofing material and the guttering. As with soffits, fascias have a dual purpose: they complete the home’s appearance and protect the inside from weather damage.

The most often used material for fascia boards is wood, primed and painted to make it durable. Wood is also the most cost-efficient option but will need replacement on a recurrent basis since no matter how carefully kept, wood will eventually decay. Certain firms have developed a composite material that combines timber with other materials such as recycled plastic, woodchips, and sawdust and is held together with epoxy glue. While they are resistant to rot and other degradation, they are often double the price of standard wood fascias.

What is the Importance of Soffits and Fascias

One of the reasons your soffit and fascia are important is that they may provide a completed aspect to your home’s exterior, boosting its visual appeal. However, their significance extends beyond this since they also help prevent structural damage to your house. They may achieve this by preventing bug infestations and moisture accumulation, resulting in mould development and damaged rafters and sheathing.

According to soffit contractors, they can cycle heat and moisture out of your roof, resulting in improved ventilation and air circulation for your roofing system.

How Do You Know When a Repair or Replacement Is Necessary?

As with any other component of your house, the soffit and fascia should be inspected regularly. If your expert notices that the soffit and fascia are deteriorating or have incurred damage, get them repaired or replaced promptly. Otherwise, your roofing system’s general stability may be jeopardized. Peeling or flaking paint, traces of decay or insect infestation on the roof are typically telltale symptoms that need repair or replacement.Why are Soffits and Fascias Important

How to Keep Your Soffit and Fascia in Good Condition

On the other hand, if you want to retain these components, make certain that everything is properly painted, sealed, and caulked. Assemble them correctly and waterproof them properly to avoid moisture difficulties down the road since broken flashing or gutters do not operate properly and may cause various problems.

Need assistance installing your soffit and fascias? Look no farther than Remember Me roofing for soffit and facias installation and roof repair services. Call us at 613-854-7663 or email us to obtain a free estimate.

Installation of Sun Tunnels: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

By | Skylights & sun tunnels

Table of Contents:

What Are Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are a cost-effective solution to add natural light to your house without requiring extensive renovations or the installation of skylights or windows. If your closets, hallways, or restrooms are too gloomy, sun or solar tunnel may be the answer. These areas have no natural light, and light fixtures can only illuminate so much. Sun tunnels may have built-in bathroom fans and solar energy to collect energy during the day and stay illuminated after nightfall!

Skylights vs. Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels and skylights do the same thing in bringing natural light into your house. However, how they do this varies significantly, and each has its own set of advantages. A skylight is effectively a windowpane embedded in your roof. It will be completely sealed to avoid water leaks and an excellent natural light source for your house. They’re often seen on vaulted ceilings and in kitchens, where they help catch that wonderful morning light.

The Advantages of Skylights

  • Additional natural light.
  • Reduce your energy and heating costs
  • Stunning design possibilities


On the other hand, Sun tunnels may be constructed in more unusual locations that need more natural light but are not perfect for skylight installation (like closets and hallways). This works because sun tunnels absorb sunlight on the roof through a dome and then magnify and “bounce” the light through the tunnel onto your selected light fixture in the ceiling of your house. This is accomplished by bouncing light off the tunnel walls—rigid tunnels will reflect more light than flexible tubes.

The Advantages of Sun Tunnels

  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Low upkeep.
  • Increases the amount of natural light in interior spaces
  • There is no heat loss.
  • Numerous design options—can be disguised as a standard ceiling light fixture.

The Price of Sun Tunnels

Adding a sun tunnel is a cost-effective approach to increase natural light in places that might need a boost in brightness and vibrancy. By illuminating your room with natural light from sun tunnels, homeowners may save money on their monthly energy bills and generate less heat than electrical lighting, keeping their house pleasant all year.

Two major factors influence the cost of installing a sun tunnel. One is the material you choose, and the other is the labour cost to install. It also relies on the location of the solar tunnel since the farther it is from the top dome, the longer the tube must be. As a result, more supplies are required. Fortunately, material prices are quite consistent across the board, and the decision to choose basic or premium materials will just be a question of preference at the moment.

Sun Tunnel Manufacturers

There are a handful of brands that most sun tunnel contractors will use. Additionally, several manufacturers provide skylight choices. VELUX is the most popular and commonly utilized. We offer VELUX skylights and sun tunnels at Remember Me Roofing and stand by their quality and style.

Natural Light’s Benefits

There are quantifiable advantages to daily exposure to sunlight. Natural sunlight benefits your physical and emotional well-being just as it illuminates your house. The “sunlight vitamin” is a critical nutrient for our physical health since it has been found to prevent bone loss, decrease weight gain, reduce the risk of heart disease and even some types of cancer. If you spend most of your day inside and then return home to an area with little natural light, you are not receiving enough Vitamin D. 

Sunlight also aids in the battle against seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, which arises when the seasons shift into Fall and Winter, when the days get shorter but maybe alleviated with more exposure to sunlight. Mental and physical health are intimately related to the amount and quality of sleep you obtain. If one of these is out of balance and you are deficient in Vitamin D, you will have difficulty sleeping. Thus, more sun exposure results in improved general health and well-being. Sun tunnels may be beneficial!

Sun Tunnel Installation

Sun tunnels are placed to capture natural sunlight that falls on your roof and reflects or shines down the tube into the fixture in your ceiling. Differently shaped domes may bend or reflect light, allowing light to enter your home at all-day hours. Additionally, tunnels come in various configurations depending on the size of your installation; they may be flexible to work around buildings or straight to fit into an open area.Installation of Sun Tunnels The Ultimate Guide For 2022 (1)

For instance, the tunnel must pass through your roof, through your attic, and into the ceiling of the room where it is to be put. Remember Me Roofing can assist you in determining the optimal arrangement for your property that will not only look amazing but will also save you money.

We can explain which solution is appropriate for your property and how to maximize your sun tunnel’s efficiency. Call us now at 613-854-7663!


Everything You Need to Know About Skylights Installation

Everything You Need to Know About Skylights Installation

By | Uncategorised

Table of Contents:

What Exactly is a Skylight?

Skylights, also known as roof lights, have become popular in contemporary houses because they provide light to otherwise gloomy spaces. In some circumstances, they replace entire windows, while in others, they compliment the windows and contribute to the room’s overall attractiveness and design.

However, skylights are not a new invention; open skylights were employed by architects in Ancient Rome, with one example being the oculus of the Pantheon. Since the Industrial Revolution, glazed closed skylights have been employed.

Since the mid-twentieth century, assembly line manufacturing units have introduced skylights to various environments and applications. Energy-saving has resulted in architectural innovation, the development of efficiency grading systems, and novel motivational and transmission mechanisms for skylights.

Fixing a Leaky Skylight

While insulated-glass frames are often waterproof, they may enable water to infiltrate the window structure over time. This will separate the frame and cause damage to the insulated glass’s seal. However, if it is discovered that this component of the skylight has failed, you may still be able to reseal it to prevent future leaks. However, removing and replacing the whole skylight can eliminate the dampness and opaque glass from a failed unit.

If the leak occurs at the roof flashing, temporary repairs around the perimeter of the unit using roof flashing cement may be performed. However, you will need to remove the tiles around your skylight to complete the work properly. Install the necessary flashing and then replace the tiles in that location. The majority of skylights have required flashing or customized flashing kits that have been created expressly for the structure and roof material.

4 Skylight Benefits For Your Home

  1. Improved Mood and Productivity

When you add a skylight to a room, the quantity of natural light in the area is increased. Among the most significant advantages of natural light is an increase in mood. Additionally, natural light might boost your workplace efficiency. Additionally, natural light may help alleviate anxiety and tension while adding comfort to your living area.

  1. Enhanced Resale Value

Skylights are one-of-a-kind elements that offer an aesthetic appeal that many purchasers want. Skylights are considered a deluxe accessory. You may boost your property’s market value and general appearance by installing a skylight and getting a large return on your investment with a skylight.

  1. Increased Your Room’s Aesthetic Space

By adding a skylight to your room, you may instantly make it seem larger and more spacious. Additionally, a skylight adds an important aesthetic element – it provides a beautiful view of the sky, which can be used for nature viewing during the day and stargazing at night.

  1. Efficient Energy Use

Skylights are beneficial to your health and the environment. In colder areas, skylights enhance the amount of heat that enters your house through solar radiation. As a consequence, you spend less energy to heat your house.

How to Avoid Glare from Skylights?

  1. Manage the Light

Did you know that the form of the skylight influences how the light is distributed across the room? Build a flared skylight rather than a straight-sided skylight if you want the light to spread out. Straight-sided skylights are preferable when you want concentrated light that enters the space in a straight path.Everything You Need to Know About Skylights Installation

  1. Create the Apparent Existence of Space

Does your house seem cramped and uncomfortable? While room extensions are costly, adding a skylight may suit your budget well. When light cannot reach all of the corners of a room, it may create the illusion of a smaller area. All it takes is one well-positioned skylight to transform a space.

  1. Possibility of Vented Skylights

Another approach to keep your house cool while using the natural light provided by skylights is installing a venting skylight. This enables the entry of fresh air and the exit of heat. Choose motorized skylights over manually operated skylights for simplicity of usage.

  1. Skylight Upgrade to Automatic

Consider adding automated skylights equipped with rain and heat sensors if your budget permits. The sensor monitors temperature and moisture levels, automatically opening the skylight when it becomes too hot and shutting it when rain is detected. The majority of automated skylights also have programmable remote controls.

Whichever style of skylight you install, ensure that your roof is in excellent enough condition to sustain this addition. If there are any visible concerns with the construction or materials of your roof, you should address them before adding skylights. Contact Remember Me Roofing at 613-854-7663 to schedule a professional roof inspection.

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