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February 2015

Roof Top Snow Removal

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We all know the winters in Ottawa can get pretty bad, and although the last thing we need is something more to shovel, there are a few things you should consider about your roof this winter. In fact, all the snow, freezing rain, and extreme weather conditions that we get here in the capital can really affect the life of your roof.

The first thing to note is that most leaks are caused during the thawing periods. Ice damming causes these leaks and the roofing system or pitch of your roof is irrelevant. If you let ice and snow accumulate during a thaw, there is potential for water to back up under your system and cause a leak. You can protect your roof against these leaks if it has an underlayment installed such as Deck Armour or Ice and Watershield but this is not a guarantee.

The second thing to consider is the weight of the snow on your roof. Think of Ottawa’s big snowfalls combined with freezing rain. Your roof can easily have thousands of extra pounds on it. These extra pounds can lead to structural damage. Keeping this in mind, if your roof is flat or has a low pitch, snow removal is a necessity. However, if your roof has a really steep pitch, the snow will only accumulate in certain areas potentially causing ice damming and not weight issues.

Lastly, there are the dangers to yourself and your family when letting winter take its toll on your roof. When ice damming occurs we see big icicles hanging above our doors and walkways, and although it may seem like Ottawa is in a winter wonderland, this ice is very dangerous. Again, having the snow and ice removed will prevent this.

Now, before you grab your shovels and ladders, remember that snow removal does not always need to be your entire roof. For the most part if the snow is not heavy, removing the bottom 4 ft along your eaves and your valleys will prevent any leaks. If your roof is low enough, and you consider yourself a do-it-yourself type of person, you can buy a roof rake. Roof rakes are a long metal device you can buy at most hardware stores that extends to the edge of your roof to pull down the snow. Of course, in -30 degree weather, hiring a professional is your best choice.

In fact, common occurrences such as damaging shingles and voiding warranties can be avoided by hiring a professional roofing company such as Remember Me Roofing for your snow removal. Also, safety is the most important advantage to hiring a professional team. Our professionals are trained in safe removal and have the safety equipment to complete the job.

Please contact us for a free quote to have all your snow and ice removed. Have a great leak free winter with Remember Me Roofing !!

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